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Forest Euphoria Candle

Forest Euphoria Candle

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Indulge your senses in the ethereal embrace of 'Forest Euphoria,' a candle that brings the enchantment of a pristine woodland right into your space. As the flame flickers to life, a symphony of aromas unfolds, capturing the essence of towering evergreens, earthy moss-covered ground, and the intoxicating freshness of dew-kissed foliage.

Notes: Spices, Sweet Berries and Patchouli

Weight: 8 oz/226g 

Burn Time: Approx 40 hrs

Ingredients: 100% natural soy wax, cotton wicks, and non-toxic fragrance oils.

Candle care

1. Trim the Wick: Keep the wick trimmed to 1/4 inch before each use.

2. Burn Responsibly: Never leave a burning candle unattended.

3. Create a Full Wax Pool: Allow the wax to melt to the edges of the container with each use.

4. Extinguish Safely: Use a snuffer or gently blow out the flame to extinguish.

5. Store Properly: Keep candles away from direct sunlight and store them upright.

Follow these simple tips to enjoy a safe and long-lasting candle experience.

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